Custom Tailoring

                                                Custom Tailoring

              Professional seamstress custom tailors men and women's clothing with            precision only custom tailoring can achieve.


                              What do I offer:

       - Design From Scratch:

            Create your own designs or bring in pictures 

            and we will make pattern

       - Copy a Favorite:

            We can duplicate any garment

       - Designer Collections:

              Designs from a fashion books can be replicated and

              improved for better fit.


                                      What We Can Do:

                                (but not limited to)

                  Men                                      Women

            - Pants, Shorts               - Shirts, Blouses and Tops

            - Coats                          - Skirts / Pants Suits

            - Vests                          - Dress and Casual pants / Skirts

            - Jackets,                       - Winter Coats

            - Shirts                           - Dresses (see Dressmaker)


Alteration Studio - professional service and expert craftsmanship that provides total commitment to your  satisfaction!


Custom Tailoring For Men And Women